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Jan 6, 2008

The Banality of Evil - chilling

This is absolutely chilling.

The US Holocaust Museum received an album of photographs that have never before been seen, and nothing like them has ever before been seen. It was an old album found in a home in Frankfurt Germany. It depicts life from the angle of the Nazis. It puts them in a human light. It shows them taking vacations, celebrating holidays, being with family, etc. All while a short distance away they were slaughtering Jews.

I first saw the NY Times display, then went to the US Holocaust Museum site and saw another video, and then clicked on the link for the album itself.

I have nothing to add. Just watch the videos (just a couple of minutes). Look at the pictures. Chilling.


  1. they will rot in hell forever

  2. I agree with LWS.

    Actually, it is not true that nothing like this was ever seen before. A book was published in '88 and translated into English in '91 titled "The Good Old Day" - The Holocaust as Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders.

    The book is excerpts from journals and letters home, with some photographs. Comments such as 'Scores of soldiers, some in bathing trunks, watching the proceedings.'

    Evil beyond evil.

  3. How can it be.


    I am searching for Ayelet. if you get this message please email me! Thank you.

  4. These are scary. Yimach shemam ve'zichram.

  5. That's the trouble. We expect the devil to look like the devil - not like our next door neighbor.

    Chilling indeed.

  6. What'd you expect? That Nazis would be in tears over the fate
    of the Jews they oppressed and murdered?


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