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Jan 28, 2008

very exciting forecast

This may not excite those of you reading this in the USA. You are probably sick of this already. here in Israel it is pretty unusual, so everybody is excited and looking forward to it...

Tuesday's forecast:

and Wednesday's forecast:


  1. I like the geshem (rain) part / not too crazy about the sheleg (snow) part. Baruch Hashem anyway for both!

  2. Of course, Wednesday is my day to walk the kids to gan (round trip about an hour). Maybe the snow will be an incentive for them to get ready more quickly....

    (Yes, Rafi, the kids still make me late in the morning.)

    BTW, I heard last week that the Badatz said that we should be saying the special tfillah for rain. Since then, there haven't been two consecutive days without rain. Have they said to stop saying the tfillah?

  3. ya know - I have been wondering the same thing... Right after the announcement, the weather turned rainy. In our part of the country it has rained for just a ccouple of days (but a lot), but I think up north it rained much more...

    I have not heard any instructions if we should still be saying it or stop saying it

  4. This doesn't excite me and I live here in Israel- where it might snow.

    Rain is fine with me- and better at night. Cold weather never is.

  5. Awww c'mon.. SNOW! I gotta figure out how I will get to meara from kiryat arba.. walking would be suicidal since its WAY downhill... tremping may be worse because y'know settler drivers.. maybe i'll grab the 160 if its runing.

    The super looked like miami before a huricane.. except no one was buying bottled water or beer.. i bought beer!

  6. maybe they were getting ready for the superbowl....


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