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Jan 8, 2008

amazing figures!

I just received the following email reviewing some highlights of the year for the activities of Lemaan Achai..

"Your support of Lema'an Achai during 2007 achieved miracles & wonders.
By the nature of what Lema'an Achai does, most of these achievements
cannot be publicly reported.
So here's some *highlights* that we CAN tell you about...
Yeshar koach to the amazing communities of Ramat Bet Shemesh and Bet Shemesh!

Services We Delivered to Local Families Suffering Poverty & Crisis...

* FIVE THOUSAND Four Hundred & Ninety Three Hours of support &
counseling by our in-house professional team of Social Workers
* Six Hundred & Sixteen Hours of Psychiatric/Psychological Therapy!
* EIGHT THOUSAND Free Dental Treatments - over Five Thousand for Kids!!
* Seven Hundred and Six Hours of Professional After-School Teaching
for Kids at Risk!
* Sixty Families received Advocacy Services (new service in 2007!) -
40 of these have had their cases successfully resolved, so far!
* Forty Families Received Intensive Financial Counseling - saving
thousands of shekels for each family.
* Over One Hundred and Sixty Families (over one THOUSAND people)
received Regular, Reliable Food Stamps - so no-one goes hungry.
* A further One THOUSAND nine hundred & twenty food supplementary
packages were delivered (including our unique Shmita-Friendly Aid Packages!!)
....and a Further FOURTEEN Projects, Programs & Services, running 24/6!!
....by OVER TWO HUNDRED talented devoted & industrious Volunteers!!

I am delighted to report that Forty-Six Families (29%) no longer
required Lema'an Achai's assistance, during 2007.
Of these, Twenty-Seven Families (17%) Achieved Independence in 2007
Directly Due to Lema'an Achai.

Other Amazing Achievements:-

* Lema'an Achai's joint Social Services Program with The Gush Katif
Settlers Council played a critical role in obtaining
FIVE HUNDRED MILLION (half a billion!) NIS of Additional Aid for Gush
Katif Evacuees, as a supplement to the Evacuation & Compensation Law,
in June 2007.

* Lema'an Achai received The Bet Shemesh Prize & Recognition during
2007, for its Leadership Role in hosting & aiding over one THOUSAND
refugees from the Second Lebanon War of 2006.

* Lema'an Achai was multiply cited, as part of a whole chapter
focusing on Bet Shemesh (the only city to merit this), by the Ben
Gurion University National Report on the Response of the Non-Profit
Sector during the Second Lebanon War (the non-Government equivalent
of the Winograd Report), published in 2007.

* Lema'an Achai established its First Branch Office, located in
Migdal Hamayim, servicing Bet Shemesh, Givat Sharet and Migdal
Hamayim (in memory of Emma and Simon Wang z"l).

* The Municipality of Bet Shemesh Granted Lema'an Achai a Two Dunam
(that's to say, big!) Building Site, on Prime Real Estate on Nachal Dolev, RBS.

Lema'an Achai has ambitious plans (and commitments!) to Help More
People Even Better during 2008 - which will require a whopping twenty
percent increase in funding.

ALL of this has been achieved, and will be achieved Be"H, solely due
to the financial support of private local donors - YOU.

Yeshar Koach to Everyone! We look forward to your continuing and
increasing support during this new financial year.

Best Regards,

For details how to donate to Lema'an Achai: http://lemaanachai.org/donate.asp
If you are interested to sponsor/support a specific program/activity,
or our building project, such as in-memory or in-honor, please contact me.


David Morris, Chairman
Lema'an Achai - It's All About Caring


Direct Tel: 02 9997107
Office: 02 9991553
Fax: 02 9992398

40/7 Nahal Lachish
Ramat Beit Shemesh,
99093 Israel.

So if you are looking for a charity to donate to, please consider Lemaan Achai as a worthy cause..


  1. Kol HaKavod Lema'an Achai!

  2. But do they have da'as torah...?

  3. Remember....

    There is Da'as Torah with a "hey" at the end and then there is Daas Turah with an "alef".

    Perhaps Lema'an Achai prefers their Da'as Torah with a "hey" to Da'as Turah with an "alef".

  4. it took me a minute to understand what you meant, anon...

  5. Anon,

    It's all a bunch of "bull" anyway.

  6. Yes and we all get hit with what the bull throws around! ;)

  7. This isn't just smart chesed...it's brilliant chesed and tzedaka on the highest level.


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