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Jan 31, 2008

A country of speed readers!

I have a copy of the Winograd Report.

I have no idea how anybody could quote it and pick out lines from it and be experts in what it says just minutes or even hours after it was released yesterday. The darn thing is 617 pages long! That will take days, minimum, to read! How is it possible that moments after it was released yesterday, all the news sources and politicians were already quoting all the salient points???


  1. you mean you don't believe that there was an early release to special groups? happens here all the time.

  2. They knew that specific points were going to be covered. Assuming the thing had a table of contents, they could have skipped to the relevant parts. Also, big news organizations could have split it up. With ten readers, that's only about 60 pages per person.


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