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Jan 17, 2008

hitting back at the kannoim

The above is a sign that was placed as an advertisement in local (Bet Shemesh) newspapers.

I do not speak much Yiddish, mostly just a few words here and there, and I understand a few more. I do not understand the sign above. it is supposed to be a response to the zealots. The man pictured (named Moshe Friedman) is one of the leading zealots in Bet Shemesh. He is responsible, in one form or another, for many of the violent activities that we all read about in the media, or suffer from if you actually live in Bet Shemesh.

It seems these guys have been trying to appoint a certain Rav in a new neighborhood of Bet Shemesh. The neighborhood in question is the Heftziba neighborhood - the one where the builder went belly up because of misusing the money collected from his buyers.

Other locals are against the appointment of this specific Rav, yet the zealots/fanatics/crazies have made their own appointment and have been trying to force the other residents of the neighborhood to live by their rules.

The response to that was the advertisement above, supposedly put out by local Ger Hassidim who oppose those fanatics and do not want to be dictated to.

It depicts the Friedman fellow as if he is the owner of a contact lens company. The bottom phrase of the ad says "A new outlook, a new life". I think that is what it says. If anyone can give a better translation of the yiddish phrase, please put it in the comments.

I am not sure how this "hits back at them". Is it because it makes it look like the Friedman guy works for a living, which would be disgraceful to him? is it suggesting that he obtain a new perspective and that will change his life?

I am not sure as to the nuance, and am looking for an explanation.

Dov Bear has some more details of who is who and how it is broken down.


  1. It actually isn't Heftziba -- that was a common mistake.

    It is the Hershi Friedman/Kiryat Shatz area at the bottom of Nahar Hayarden. The area is strategic as it bridges the Kirya Haharedit and Rama B, as well as bordering Sheinfeld, a more modern Orthodox neighborhood.

    The Friedman/Shatz area has about eight hooligans and hundreds of regular charedim and datiim living together.

  2. I don't follow exactly the happenings there, and generally am against any kind of personal loshan hora paskevilim and/or slandering, even when it seems like one deserves it.... our motto is "leave such Mitzvahs to others"

    But this poster made me smile, it's a funny way of hitting back. and yes your translation was accurate

    as they say in yidish, (oy a broch, nuch yiddish) "VOS GUT IS GUT"


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