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Jan 30, 2008

The height of cynicism

A newspaper I read yesterday mentioned that the Kadima Party has drafted its best and most eloquent members for a public relations blitz in an attempt to pre-empt any harsh findings in the soon to be released Winograd Report. The newspaper mentioned it had seen an internal document with talking points that will be stressed by the various Kadima people who will be on the airwaves defending Olmert.

One of those talking points mentioned in the list was that the Interim Winograd Report had been very harsh, but had not listed names of people responsible, and therefore there was never any intention to cause heads to roll, rather to pressure them to repair the flaws in the system.

I just heard on the radio part of an interview from last night with Roni Bar-On. Bar-On is the Finance Minister. He is one of the stars of Kadima - he is very eloquent, he is very close to Olmert, he holds a senior ministry.

In the interview, which I only heard a part of, Bar-On used the talking point I mentioned above. He stressed greatly the idea that the Report had been harsh but no names were mentioned and clearly the intention was that Olmert should remain to repair the flaws in the system. He said, Taking responsibility does not necessarily mean resigning, as people claim it does. Taking responsibility means fixing what you broke.

This claim is the height of cynicism. the Winograd Report did not mention names so it means the intention was that people should not resign?

I remind you the Winograd Commission had every intention (so stated) to name names and declare responsibility, but Kadima and Olmert's people, and then representatives of the IDF all took the Winograd Commission to the Supreme Court a number of times in order to force delays and to disallow them from naming names. And now they are claiming that names were not mentioned so the intention was not to force resignations?

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