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Jan 7, 2008

Ron Paul: cut off aid to Israel

I do not know much about Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. I do know he seems to be going nowhere with his candidacy even though he had a decent showing in Iowa, he is raising enough money to keep himself in the race for now, and he is being described as an isolationist.

He had a few minutes recently and spoke to Haaretz newspaper, mainly about his positions visa vi Israel.

I found his main idea interesting. It is one that was originally suggested by Benjamin Netanyahu and it entails Israel no longer taking financial support from the USA. Netanyahu was not able to implement it though he spoke about the goal of weaning Israel in a speech in the Congress, and I seem to remember the same position was adopted by subsequent prime ministers who also just spoke about it but never actually tried to implement it.

Ron Paul thinks the USA should not be giving financial aid to Israel. It sounds like the death knell for Israel. The truth is that the American economy is not doing well right now and Israel's is. I supported Netanyahu's goal back then of getting Israel to stop sucking from the American financial teat. It would give us more freedom in our diplomacy and would not leave us exposed so much to USA pressure.

Paul says he is not anti-Israel, and that is not what fuels his desire to cut off aid to Israel. He actually wants to cut off aid to all foreign countries. As he says, "It's a good deal, since when aid to Israel stops so would the aid to all the Arab states currently enjoying American patronage. It is true that Israel receives more than any of the Arab states, but, it receives less than they do put together. The enemies would also be denied the money,"

He supports trade with Israel, tourism from and to Israel, but he just does not want to send US dollars as aid to foreign countries.

Paul end off saying,
"I believe in the sovereignty of Israel, If Israel stops receiving U.S. aid, then it could do whatever it wants. If it wants peace, then it will make peace. In any event, It will do quite well. Israel doesn't really "need us."

Too bad Paul is going nowhere in this campaign, but I happen to like that policy...


  1. I don't think that the American economy is doing poorly.

    Paul hangs out with some pretty vile people, so I don't know that he's not anti-Israel.

    Still advocating less foreign aid for Israel, by itself, doesn't make one anti-Israel.

  2. Soccer dad,,,economy is not bad?

    Dude 7 million people are going to lose their house this year,,we are 9 trillion in debt.

    It is a DEBT BASED ECONOMY, hence you get 100 bucks but have to pay back 107,,,get it?

    Also inflation of 4% means if you have 1000 in the bank,,it is worth 4% less,,,they stole from you!!!

    I have about 10 oz ingold,,guess what? I GOT RICHER YESTERDAY!!!

  3. Ron Paul is a Non-Interventionist not an Isolationist. The two are completly different ideas.

    "It is not we the non-interventionists who are isolationists. The real isolationists are those who impose sanctions and embargos on countries and peoples across the globe. And who choose to use force overseas to promote democracy, a counter productive approach that actually leads to the US being more resented and more isolated in the world" - Ron Paul


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