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Jan 21, 2008

Haredi man beaten in Bet Shemesh last night

Tuvia Stern, whom I do not know personally, is a man who has had the courage to stand up to the Haredi terrorists of Bet Shemesh. He is a Haredi fellow who lives in the neighborhood of the hooligans and has had enough. He has on many occassions fought back against them using similar tactics to the ones used by the terrorists themselves in their terrorizing of the Bet Shemesh citizens.

Stern has put up "pashkevilim" publicizing terrorists and their activities. Stern has, supposedly, reported some of them to the authorities. He has physically fought with the hooligans. He has pulled down some of their signs. He was involved in the recent counter-protest against the RBS B hooligans/terrorists. He does not put up with their baloney.

The terrorists could not take that someone is finally fighting them on their own turf using their own means. He must have been making a dent in their activities, because they made it personal. They recently attacked him publicly with the following signs and advertisements in local publications... You can click on the two images to enlarge and read all they claim he has done. They intend it to show how bad of a person he is, but in the eyes of most Bet Shemesh residents I suspect it only increases his honor.

I guess that was not enough because last night they decided the teach him a lesson. A group of these hooligan/terrorists attacked him outside of his house. They beat him up and they smashed his car windows. Below you can see pictures of the ambulances that came to treat him and take him to the hospital, along with his smashed up car (not a clear picture), and of him talking to the medics and the police. Hopefully he was identifying the perps and the police will bring them into custody soon.

This situation has gotten way out of control. They take the law into their own hands, they harass people with a different outlook on life, they try to chase everyone else away, they try to appoint their own rabbonim as leaders of neighborhoods that are populated mostly by other people. It is an outrage and we need more people like Tuvia Stern who are willing to stand up to them.


  1. There is a demonstration planned tonight at Nahar HaYarden 9, at 7pm, to protest this act.

  2. I was there at 19 pm,but didn't see anybody so I left.

  3. The Sinat Chinam is very depressing, it seems like those people don't want Mashiach to come. And because Kol Yisrael Arevim Ze LaZeh, it affects all of us.

  4. This will not improve, no way.
    Anglos may as well flee for their lifestyles if plurality, etc., mean to them what they should.

  5. and where should they flee to?

  6. Too bad I'm not in the 'hood... me and my dad beat a few assholes who lived near us in Geulah back in the day.

  7. If the neighborhood doesn't band together it is going to get worse.

  8. Go Tuvia!
    We should rally around this guy and show him that he has popular support. Anyone know how to get hold of him?

  9. did mora d'atra harav hagaon goldstein and perlstein have any comment? surely they can provide the daath torah about this event.

  10. B"H There are some nut jobs out there. I trust Rafi who is there in the thick of things. But I still wouldn't trust the accuracy of the J-Post (which isn't even leftist, relatively speaking), nor the leftist media if they had reported on this.

    Too bad they can't direct their energies to the real enemies....like the Erev Rav.


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