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Jan 29, 2008

Quote of the Day (qotd)

"elections - and the profligate spending known as "election economics" that usually accompanies them - would cost the state tens of millions of shekels."

---- PM Ehud Olmert, when explaining, one of the reasons, why he opposes and refuses calling for early elections..

Funny, but spending extra tens of millions of shekels did not stop him from creating new ministries to have the largest and most inflated government Israel has ever had, just so he could reward his friends for their support and buy the support of others.... He can spend the money when it is to help him, but if it is not directly for him, he is against spending...


  1. As a neighbor in RBS told me: "If Har HaBayis is so important why aren't the gedolim discussing it".

    Indeed. Where are the gedolim of RBS? Or Munsey?

  2. I am pretty sure I do not understand what you are talking about... was this comment on the wrong post by mistake?


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