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Jan 20, 2008

remember the two murdered hikers (video)

Dovid Rubin and Achikam Amichai were two young men on a hike through the Hebron hills. They were gunned down a couple of weeks ago by Palestinian policemen, who at one time would have been called terrorists, but now we have armed them and called them policemen.

The following presentation was created to memorialize the two young men...


  1. rafi
    I hope that what I am going to write will not be misinterpreted.These young men were certainly murdered al kidush hashem and are now in the highest level in Olam haba.
    However the presentation seems to show two young men whose focus of interest consisted in physical activities, hiking and discovering the land. Should the focus of interest of an orthodox jew not be on spiritual things or learning? I am not talking about learning full time but giving utmost importance to learning in a system of value.Maybe it is a misinterpretation of my part, but this is the impression the presentation seems to convey.Doesn't it say something about the system of values of the RZ world?

  2. k so. Not everybody, whether in the RZ world or the Haredi world, are cut out for learning. maybe learning interested them less, and hiking and travelling around eretz yisrael more. I did not know them personally so I do not know what interested them.

    Or, maybe they loved learning but the guy who made the film clip did not have pictures of that. I mean, how often do you go to a beis midrash to learn with a camera to take pictures of yourself and your friends?

    I do not think the clip is indicative of anything specific..

  3. What a terrible waste of two beautiful young lives....


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