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Mar 24, 2011

Egypt Air Thinks Jordan Conquered Israel

Egypt Air has taken Israel off the map. Jordan has taken over, stretching all the way to the Mediterranean. They continue to fly to Israel, despite the fact that Israel does not seem to exist.

From Ynetnews:
Egypt Air, the largest airline in Egypt, has removed Israel from the map – literally. On its website, Ynet has learned, Jordan's land reaches the Mediterranean Sea.

The airline's subsidiary, Air Sinai, flies to Israel regularly, but customers seeking flights to Ben Gurion National Airport will have a hard time finding them. On the map are the names of the Mideast capitals – Amman, Beirut, and Damascus – but Israel is nowhere to be found.
Egypt Air is the first large airline to have omitted the state from its map of destinations. Other airlines based in Muslim countries, such as Turkish Airlines and Royal Jordanian, include Israel and Tel Aviv on its maps.

The omission is especially odd seeing as the company continues to fly to Israel four times a week. Cairo- Tel Aviv flights were temporarily halted following the recent uprising that overturned the government, but were then reinstated.

There has also been an increase in passengers on Air Sinai's flights. According to the Airports Authority, the airline saw an increase of 27% in 2010 from the year previous.
It seems like they think Jordan has conquered Israel..


  1. The Palestinians won't be too happy to hear about that, will they? Unless they finally get voting rights in Jordan....

  2. What do they announce when the plane lands in Israel?
    "Hello and welcome to an unspecified country which does not appear on the tourist maps we provided you. Please pay no attention to anything blue and white and any folks that do not speak Arabic..."

  3. Why would any self respecting Jew fly on Egypt air?

  4. anon - plenty of egyptians come to visit Israe. after all, we have peace.
    also businessmen...

    Garnel - thats funny.
    I checked the Egypt Air website, and the map shows a flight to Amman and to Beirut, but nothing to Israel. I could not find a website for Air Sinai, the subsidiary, though I did not look too hard. On the Egypt Air map, Jordan extended to the sea. No mention of Gaza or Israel, though truth is that only destination cities were pointed out, not coutries and borders, so if they werent mentioning Tel Aviv as a destination, it does not necessarily mean Jordan extends to the sea.


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