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Mar 23, 2011

Interesting Posts #253

1. Qaddafi and the Gog U'Magog Scenario

2. A Rav Leaving a Kehilla in a Time of Danger and get your copy of the new Ashkenaz shul luach for 5771. I have been getting this luach the past few years and have found it very interesting regarding the minhagim they discuss and point out.

3. An interview With 12 year old Tamar Fogel

4. Scam or Outrage? Hamavdil writes about the supposed clandestine trip to the Iranian graves of Mordechai and Esther by vaad HaRabbonim. One option he doesnt mention is that it was a Purim spoof, even though it was published on the cover of their regular fundraising flyer.

5. Did Nir ben Artzi see the earthquake in Japan happening?

6. A Modern Day Purim Miracle

7. Selling Segulot

1 comment:

  1. Many thanks for the links. I have gotten more visitors today to Treasures of Ashkenaz than any day previously, by far!

    יישר כחך!


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