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Mar 28, 2011

Melanie Philips on the Itamar Massacre and Calling Arabs Savages (video)


  1. She makes the Israeli Govt sound like cowards!! Oh, my, did I say a no, no?

  2. Boy does she tell it like it is.

    Lets start a "Melanie Philips for PM" Campaign - she'd get my vote

    Carolyn Click can be her foreign minister.

  3. Kudos to Rafi for posting this. People need to rightly say what the facts are.
    Interesting side note: it is also a "no no" to write "don't use illegal Arab labor". Someone posted on the Beit Shemesh List that such postings can be "racist". So if one thinks using illegal arab laborers is a danger one should be quiet and "just take it." I responded to that post to the BS List and it was censored - the BS List moderators would not even let me express an opinion!!!
    I thought there was freedom of expression. Well, for the Leftists and politically correct anyone who says or writes something considered "anti-arab" are criminals. We are supposed to shut our mouths and not say what is on our mind. Funny, all the opposite messages seem to get expressed. And the message here is mild. Personally, I echo Rafi. In most nations such a crime would be immediately punished on a collective basis so that their community knows if they let their savages commit such crimes against humanity they will pay for it.


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