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Mar 29, 2011

Israel Arrests 60 For Itamar Massacre Investigation, Destroying All Semblance of Human Rights

The Palestinians are complaining that in the wake of the Itamar massacre Israel went into surrounding villages, specifically Awarta, and arrested upwards of 60 people (depending on which report you read it is anywhere from 40 to 60 people)  and has been holding them in prison, after forcing them to go through DNA testing.

First I will say that they should just be happy that Israel did not raze the entire village of Awarta to the ground the day after the massacre of the Fogel family. That is what should have been done. Yes, it is collective punishment which is wrong, but that is the price to pay for terrorism and is what needs to be done to create an atmosphere of deterrence. Similar to what Ariel Sharon did back in the day with his Unit 101 that would go burn down villages after villagers would attack Jews.

However, since Israel did not raze the village, and has now waited two weeks, which has allowed any emotional sympathy around the world, and even in Israel, to fade, collective punishment is no longer an option. Collective punishment is best served hot. Going in and arresting people now, with no proof, and holding them for no apparent reason, as the security forces clearly have no idea who was responsible for the massacre, is simply a breakdown of respect for human rights.

What's the difference anyway? Maybe they will eventually get some information that will lead to the capture of those who were responsible for the massacre. And then what? They will put them in jail for 5 life sentences, and release them two years later in a goodwill gesture to the Palestinians.

If the Israeli government, and therefore the security forces, would do what it should in dealing with terrorism and war, that would be one thing. However, since the government does not treat terrorists as they deserve, the government has no business mistreating innocent people.

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  1. My Angry Son>>>it's called the rule of law. You punish the guilty not just anyone you want to blame. Your anger is understandable, but justice must be applied blindly; that's why the lady is blindfolded. We don't raze the neighborhood or the village where guilty Jews live who commit vile and murderous acts against Jews, because democracies don't do that.


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