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Mar 23, 2011

PSA: BaKehilla Card To Support Local Tzedaka Organizations

BaKehilla card is a card that was originally promoted by a local RBS tzedaka organization, Keren lev Yisrael.  For a monthly donation to the charity, one could get the card and qualify for discounts in many local stores and businesses.

Eventually, as the city promoted its Toshav Ha'Ir card, that offered discounts to stores around the city and cultural events, the Haredi community felt a bit left out, as a majority of the stores included in the Toshav ha'Ir program are not targeted to the haredi community. As a result, the city added their sponsorship to the Bakehilla card.

As a result of the city taking it over, the program has expanded to include not just the founder, KLY, but to include many local tzedaka organizations. You can choose whichever organization you want, and if your favorite is not in the list of participating organizations, go ahead and tell them to apply to join. As well, even if you already have the card and your donation has been going to KLY (because it was the only choice at the time), you can now redirect your tzedaka donation to the participating tzedaka organization of your choice.

Here is the Lemaan Achai announcement on their having joined the program.
The Kehilla card is a consumer benefit card that offers specials and significant discounts to local businesses and services.
The card was originally offered through the Keren Lev Yisrael in exchange for a minimum monthly Horaat Keva of 50 NIS.
As of February, 2011, the city of Bet Shemesh is a co-sponsor of the card and has opened membership to local tzedaka organizations so that they and their supporters could benefit from the card as well.
In order to receive the card one must simply commit to a monthly Horaat Keva to Lema'an Achai via bank or credit card.
You will receive a temporary card which you may begin using immediately. Your permanent card will be sent shortly.
Please check the mail for the monthly coupon and specials booklet.
To sign up for the Horaat Keva please reply to avrohom@lemaanachai.org or call 999-1553.
Tizku L'Mitzvot Ulemaasim Tovim!

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