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Mar 24, 2011

Rav Nir Ben Artzi Packs The House With Latest Predictions of Doom

Rav Nir Ben Artzi has been making predictions of doom and gloom for a while now. So far, it has mostly been in radio interviews and in talks to his students which were later publicized. Rav Ben Artzi is now "on tour", so to speak, and has been going around to different communities making speeches.

Yesterday Rav Nir Ben Artzi gave a speech, for the first time ever, to a packed hall in Bnei Brak.

Bechadrei reports on the speech with some excerpts of what he said. Ben Artzi claims that he knows where gold can be found in Israel, just he is not allowed to say where. Hashem, he said, does not want it revealed right now.

Ben Artzi said that next week there will be a massive earthquake somewhere in the world. The quake will be one that is capable of wiping out cities in Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Lebanon, he said, will shoot missiles into Israel, but it wont be serious.

In Lebanon, Jordan and Syria there will be revolutions and wars.

The Jews of America should make aliya to Israel. There will be a collapse of the economy there, and when there will be starvation, they will first go to the homes of the Jews and take whatever they can get a hold of. Nothing will help, not the police and not the rule of law.

In Japan, and all other countries that have nuclear reactors, they will explode. Hashem will do this because their goal is to create destruction in the world, and Hashem will destroy it.

Rav ben Artzi's solution for staying safe is that people should daven with a minyan and not by the wall in their own house. Whoever davens in his house, the shechina is not with him.


  1. Personally, I believe predictions of this type are a crock. Over many many years we have heard gurus predict ...

    George Bush was "Gog" and he was going to invade Israel (LOL this guy was like a big Zionist and people thought he was going to invade???)

    Barack Obama - give me a break he may be a leftist (OK radical leftist) but to say he is Gog is also cookoo

    Earth quakes - have been happening for hmmm thousands of years. Har Hermon is a volcanic site literally sits atop volcanic activity tell me if it blew thousands of years ago does that mean "then" it was the end of times???

    What is his track record on predictions? No not hearsay has anyone kept score on real bonafide verifiable predictions (with dates) that have occurred at the times he claimed they would.

    1. i have known Rabbi Nir Ben artsi for over 10 years and all his predictions regarding my family were
      absolutely right !!! he has an amazing power to predict the future and he is a prophet and his prophecies
      are a gift of God. a jewish person living in south africa ...

  2. How many times do we hear these doomsday predictions? If you cry economic collapse every year eventually you will be right - there will be a deep recession/financial panic and you will be "proven" right.
    Hint to the doomsdayer followers history is full of...
    big earthquakes (San Fran 1906)
    Tsunamis (check Atlantis)
    stock crashes (1929)
    financial panics (Tulip bubble)
    wars (Rome v barbarians)
    genocides (Cambodia)
    So before ya all start believing we are at the end of history think about the fact that these terrible events have happened before.

  3. but cant we hope?

  4. Nice to see us return to our pagan roots...

  5. Ben Artzi isn't a Rabbi. Rav Aviner once famously pointed out that the man is just an ignoramus.

    ""ניר בן ארצי אינו תלמיד חכם אלא עם הארץ, עד עצם היום הזה. כמו כן, אינו המשיח, ואינו מבשר המשיח, ואינו בעל רוח הקודש."

    While I am sure Nir Ben Artzi believes in his own powers, that just makes him delusional rather then crooked. His own great ability to see the future, somehow did not stop him being kidnapped and held against his will.

    Honestly I wish everyone would stop listening to anything this man says.

  6. Did he say this before or after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan?

  7. this particular speech was after Japan, but he has said vague predictions before Japan as well

  8. Rafi, you are wrong..that wasnt after the event..he said so before.google it

  9. I know this man 21 years and all he has said has come true so take it from there the book of Ezikial 15 is all comming true simple as that.


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