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Mar 15, 2011

Rav Shteinman on the Itamar Massacre

Some people dont like it when rabbis talk and try to get us to learn lessons and improve our ways when we see tragedy and disasters. To me, that is the rabbis job. Perhaps they could be more diplomatic at times, but overall, part of the job description is to inspire us and explain events and help us find ways to improve.

Rav SHteinman related his words during his shiur to the Itamar Massacre saying that we can see clear signs of the redemption on its way, and everything that happens is connected to us, the Jews. Nothing happens for no reason.

When asked what we should strengthen ourselves in response to the massacre, Rav Shteinman listed 3 things:

  1. Torah learning
  2. Not to talk in a bad way
  3. Not to denigrate other people
Note that there is no mention of tzniyus in the list.

Rav Shteinman specifically pointed to the minhag in yeshivas of electing a "Purim Rav" who then goes on to create a spiel making fun of people and rabbonim in the yeshiva. He said this minhag should be stopped and it is like playing with fire.
(source: Bechadrei)


  1. Most heartening so far: no idiot Rav has tried to blame the massacre on tznius or some other stupidity.

  2. Note that there is no mention of tzniyus in the list.

    Perhaps because he was talking to men? But I agree there is a difference between looking back (blame) and looking forward (taking a lesson upon ourselves).

  3. we can deffinately make a positive impact by giving, learning, guarding our speech, personal growth and turning to Hashem in prayer


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