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Mar 16, 2011

Gan Subsidies Returned To Bet Shemesh For Coming Year

The Ministry of Education had announced a while back that the 80% subsidy for kindergartens in Bet Shemesh, and select other cities, can no longer be continued, as per the decisions of the court. The delayed implementation of the court decision has come to an end, and the payment terms will be raised in stages over the next couple of years.

This upset many in the city, and Bet Shemesh shut down registration for the coming year until they could get this resolved. The city wants to bring the prices back down, by getting the subsidies back. Cancelling the subsidies would mean either that many parents will not send their little kids to gan, or the payments would end up falling on the city, as many lower income families would default on their payments.

It was announced this morning that the solution has been found. The Ministry of Education has agreed to continue the full 80% subsidy for the city of Bet Shemesh. The decision is just extending the delayed implementation by another year. For now at least, Minister Gideon Saar has agreed to continue the subsidies in Bet Shemesh. He agreed because he was made to realize that many fanilies in bet Shemesh are large families with large numbers of children, and the burden of paying the full payment would be overwhelming. Along with the fact that many already registered for gan with the information that the payments would include the subsidy.

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