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Mar 30, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Burning the plastic bags causes poisonous gases to be released that cause damage to those fulfilling the mitzva and to those who live in the area. There is a concern of a great health risk to children who are involved in the burning of chametz. Chametz should be gathered in paper bags and not in plastic or cardboard boxes, as they also create  a lot of smoke, that cause serious pollution.

  -- Minister of Religious Services Yaakov Margi

Margi is pushing a campaign to raise awareness of the health issues involved in burning plastic, and is encouraging that people busrn chametz without the plastic.


  1. I had a hard time convincing people of that in previous chometz burnings in RBS.
    I hope the word gets around and people listen. Although, people that habitually inhale toxic fumes and happily share them (i.e. smokers) probably won't care.
    This has been well known in the US for years.

  2. I once heard that there was a Halakhic problem of burning the Hametz in a plastic bag because the melting plastic rendered the Hametz Lo Ra'ui leMaakhal Kelev before it was burnt. He should try that tack as well because unfortunately this is the kind of argument that will impress Haredi kind of people more.

  3. If he could convince supermarkets to provide paper bags for customers in the weeks before Pesach, he'll have a better chance of success.

    Polite reminders and scare tactics are not a campaign. Action, especially if it helps people comply, is.


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