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Mar 27, 2011

Picture Of The Day: Introducing The Burqa Dad!

If you thought it was only the women, here is a strange picture snapped at Uri's Pizza shop in Geula (taken from someone who posted it in the Bechadrei forums)..

introducing... the Burqa Dad!
Burqa Dad eating pizza at Uri's Pizza in Jerusalem.
Oops, I got some pizza sauce on my Hugo Boss Burqa!


  1. Maybe he just had plastic surgery and needs to stay out of the sun? Or else shmirat eynayim is important when eating at Uri's.

  2. cMON NOW!!! it looks like the raincoat that everyone wears on Shabbos in Brooklyn to cover their hats completely. Probably a rainstorm finished a few minutes earlier.

  3. Besides, he's hardly even frum, the women he's with is wearing colors - oy vey, look at that bright orange!

  4. or maybe it's a jblogger who doesn't want to be identified?

  5. he is just hiding because he doesn't want to be seen in public sitting together with his wife. you know it may lead to mixed dancing.

  6. Maybe it's not his wife.


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