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Mar 28, 2011

Smuggling Drugs Is So 2010

With many drug smugglers and mules being caught recently, the risk of getting caught has become very high. That means it is time to stop smuggling drugs, at for those who are averse to such levels of risk, and find something else to carry over the borders.

The latest catch was hair. That's right, someone was smuggling hair.

Ladaat reports that the latest smuggling scheme to be caught was a Haredi guy coming in from Sao Paolo, Brazil. As the customs agents had him open his suitcase, they were surprised to find it full of hair. They opened up his second suitcase, and it too was full of hair. The guy was smuggling 10kg of hair, to be used to make sheitels in Israel.

I  wonder if they can train dogs to sniff for things like hair or anything else people might smuggle in..


  1. I hope he gets tried on People's Court....

  2. Given the ridiculous price of some sheitels, that was possibly lucrative.

    As for your closing question, the simple answer is yes. Dogs can be trained to be generalists, or discriminate specialists. Many of the dogs I worked SAR with could work 'live' search or 'cadavar' search; and they knew according to the commands and setup which to do. What I don't know is how a dog would discriminate hair from other 'dead' tissue; but it could be done.

  3. so, if a company buys smuggled hair, does that pasul the sheitel? do we need a hashgacha now on sheitels?

  4. only the conservatives would pasken that way....

  5. anon,

    maybe the conservs have this one right! If the orthodox can pull hashgacha because boys and girls talk in the same restaurant, then why can't hashgacha include ingredients that are kosher in all aspects? would you really eat in a restaurant that you know for a fact bought stolen ingredients?

    BTW, the dig against conservative is not only cheap and wrong, but snobbish and knegged halacha. Even us orthodox have issues with "yuhara", looking too frum.

  6. OK I hear you, but I look at it more as digging back, since their whole "super-hechsher" was in response to the allegations against the Rubashkin plant, as if to imply they're more religious than the Orthodox. It was also at a point in time early in the case so that the Conservative group starting that "hechsher" was judging on the basis of media rumor alone.

    But in principle I agree with you, honesty isn't part of a hechsher but it should be part of one's decision to patronize an establishment. (And tznius shouldn't be part of a hechsher either.)

  7. anon,

    I was not referring to their "super hecsher", I was referring to a debate that raged here in Chicago when that happened though, regarding our own Orthodox Halacha. A mashgiach was caught cheating on his taxes, does that pasul his hashgocho? well, they held not technically, but many restaraunts have been threatenned to have their hashgach pulled due to SUBJECTIVE tznius issues. very frustrating the hypocrisy we allow from our leaders

  8. these tznius threats are in Chicago???

  9. yes. it has happened here in chicago

  10. wow I really thought people were normal there. one less reason to stay in chu"l....


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