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Mar 31, 2011

What Would You Do? Racism Towards Muslims in Israel? (video)

A short while back I saw a clip of a US show looking at racism and it was very similar to this. I think it was set in a bakery and the owner refused to sell to a Jew, and the clip recorded what other customers would do in response to the racism.

In this clip, in Israel, they look at what others would do in the face of racism against Muslims. What would you do?


  1. interesting the guy that defends the arabs, compares them to haredim and doesn't like them

  2. i found it very moving. i hope they didnt manipulate it but it made me proud

  3. It's time to give the Palestinians a State of their own - in Jordan.
    Let's get rid of every single one of these violent animals so we don't have the repeat of the last several weeks of violence against innocent civilians.

    Enough of this cry-baby bulls--t. Arabs pose an imminent threat. That's not racism, it's reality.

  4. Liberal leftist Israelis think sympathy will stop Arabs from killing our children.

    They should have tried this experiment in the Shomron. Not only would this towel-head not have been given coffee, she would have been shot!

  5. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    "Liberal leftist Israelis think sympathy will stop Arabs from killing our children."

    So hire in a security guard. No one is talking about saving the Jews from their enemies here OR making the Arabs love us. If she has the money, sell her the damn coffee.

  6. The Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret says:

    Anonymous 8:01--One thing we don't need is another mouthy Anglo "gever" who thinks macho-style obnoxious racism is a substitute for fighting terror or defending Israeli citizens.

    But I'm sure you feel better, having swaggered, don't you?

  7. Dear Curmudgeonly Israeli Giyoret,
    You are right-on. I was just as proud watching this clip as I was watching footage of the Israeli shooting the tractor terrorist in the head. They both demonstrate the greatness of our nation.

    And tovmeod -- until the charedim en-masse start serving their country as the older gentleman and his children probably did/do, the chilonim will continue to feel a certain hostility towards them.

  8. it doesnt bother me that he said he doesnt like the haredim. he doesnt like them just like many haredim dont like him or other secular Jews. thats the way it is.
    However, despite his sayign he doesnt like them he said that it doesnt make a difference as far as what they are entitled to. Just because he doesnt like them doesnt give anyone the right to take away their rights.

    This is the basic of any democracy. The protection of peoples rights whether you like them or not.

  9. "i hope they didnt manipulate it..."

    they sort of did - the actual stats for the experiment were 53% acted like those shown, 42% didn't respond, and 5% openly agreed.

    I felt like the actor behind the counter was a little to blunt about his policy and attitude, and if he had used more roundabout language and slightly distored PC catchphrases I wondered whether the objectors still would have been as high as 53%.

  10. I think a big problem these democratic liberals have is the following:

    The teacher said that this arab did nothing to her after the store owner says that they blow themselves up.

    The thing is that if this lady waits for someone to do something to her, I dont think she will have arms left to buy her cappuccino with.


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