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Mar 31, 2011

Israel Should Be Taking 50 More Abu Sisis

Israel abducted some Hamas operative named Abu Sisi while he was in the Ukraine. It is thought that he has information on where Gilad Shalit is being held.

Abu Sisi denies knowing anything about Shalit.

The PA is complaining that Israel has acted like pirates, and wants Ukraine to get angry at Israel, and I guess file complaints with the UN and the World Court and create a diplomatic crisis.

At worst, even if Israel was completely wrong in this operation and he has no involvement or info regarding Shalit, the PA should not be complaining about such an abduction being an act of piracy and looking to create a crisis. After all, the PA abducted people as well, Shalit himself, and they are guilty of what they are accusing Israel.

Regarding Abu Sis, it would be nice if he has information that they can get out of him, by whatever means. But even if he really does not have any knowledge of the Shalit affair, as he claims, Israel should be taking such high level Hamasniks and offer a more even trade for Shalit. If Abu Sisi is not enough, Israel should abduct 5 more, 10 more, 50 more or whatever it takes.

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