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Mar 19, 2013

Headline of the Day

New Minister of Education Weighs: Prayer for Each Student Before Tests

  -- Nana News

this has not passed yet, is only under consideration, and will not be a prayer of religious significance, but of personal persuasion, and will be meant, if it passes, chiefly to calm the student before an exam...

The mere suggestion of implementing such an idea is interesting, in that a short time ago this would have generated an outcry of religious coercion. Such a concept would only have come from a religious or Haredi party, and the news media would have been screaming against it. Now a religious minister from a largely secular party suggests it, and it generates nothing more than a few news articles that mention it.

From another perspective, with a religious coalition (i.e. a coalition comprised largely of religious parties), such an idea would never have come to be - because of the fear of accusations of religious coercion and from the screams about it after the suggestion. Perhaps a side benefit that makes worthwhile the discriminatory banning of haredi parties is that legislation that will make Israel more "Jewish" in nature and culture will more easily pass now.  

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