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Mar 13, 2013

Naftali Bennet Caption Contest

photo credit: Tomer Applebaum of Ha'aretz, Hattip to Mostly Kosher
I have seen some good captions.. here are a few:

  • I dont understand why the Haredim are so worried about being drafted into the army.. a fan is much more dangerous for me!
  • oof, I have nowhere to attach the bobby pin!
  • See - I can keep my kippa on my head even if only attached at one point!
add yours in the comments...

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  1. Bennet: "Hey, guys! Watch my Lapid impression!"

    Yishai and Gafni: "Yeah, we've been watching it for a month already..."

  2. Success went to his head and flipped his lid.

  3. Shmulik, tavi li et hadevek...

  4. How about:
    1) oh shoot, now everyone knows I'm balding
    2) now that the chareidim are out, I won't be needing this anymore

  5. High Tech entrepreneur, low tech yarmulke

  6. Bennett's kipa is compromised... the left.

  7. "My kippah constantly falling off runs parallel my faith in HaShem and commitment to His Torah, as is reflected in my legislative agenda, such as granting Israeli citizenship to several thousand people who want to annihilate, granting autonomy within the Land of Israel to the rest of them, amounting to a couple million."


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