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Mar 17, 2013

PSA: Hotline for Obama's visit to Israel

US President Barak Obama will be coming to Israel for a visit this week. Thomas Friedman said Obama is coming as a tourist, as nothing will be accomplished in the real world by this visit, so nobody should expect much to come out of the visit.

Whether he comes as a tourist or not, he will be wreaking havoc on the local populace around the country but especially in Jerusalem in the form of closed streets and traffic jams, and security protocols.

The Israeli Police have opened a hotline so that people will be able to get updated information in regards to things affected by Obama's visit. The hotline will start operating today and will continue through Friday. The phone number for the hotline will be 1-700-553-100.

One would think in this day and age they would also open a website that will publish all the relevant information in real-time, but I have not seen anything announced about that. I guess it is not as necessary because even if they did it would probably only work in Internet Explorer, like most Israeli government websites, and not in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, let alone in any of the other browsers...

So if you are concerned about needing to go somewhere, especially in Jerusalem, this week, check the hotline first to see if routes are open and h

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  1. It's a matter of security and cost. Hiring internet people costs a lot of money, certainly more than hiring some low paid police people to man a bank of phones. As for security, while his schedule is not a secret, I don't see why they'd want to give it to everyone and make it easy for undesirables to get it, people like students at the Ariel University or other enemies of the US.

  2. I think the best transportation from wed on will be one's feet! That's why I'm buying everything (last week) Mon & Tues. The rest of the week is for cooking and getting ready for the Geulah!


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