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Mar 11, 2013

The tefillot of Birkat HaIlanot

who remembers the days when Birkat HaIlanot was just one simple bracha?

now I get fundraising letters including fancy Birkat Ilanot tefillot in a little booklet. There is a "lshem yichud", there is the bracha, and then there are a couple of tefillot from tehillim...

the message accompanying it in the fundraising letter was beautiful, saying that the halacha states that one who goes out in Nissan and sees the fruit trees blooming should make the bracha... the message being that in Nissan it is time to go out. After the winter, where we stayed in, closed off in our homes, when we did not see the beauty of the world, now we go out and see the beauty of the world and the blessings of Hashem, and we thank Him for all His kindness.

The month of Nissan starts tomorrow. During Nissan, go out, look around and appreciate the new blossoms, the nature, the world around us, and don't forget to make the bracha, and if you are inspired to, add some extra tefillot of praise and thanks.... in Judaism we clearly are meant to care for and appreciate the environment and nature..

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