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Mar 24, 2013

Interesting Posts #473

1. not exactly kisei hakavod

2. a post-haredi election: can we achieve freedom

3. horaat shaa and the real world rabbinate

4. NYC Mayor Serves an Allegorical Purpose

5. cutting the line to sell chametz

6. anti-kosher

7. wig obsession

8. the live blog of the Obama visit to Israel.. funny!

9. Finding Passover Wisdom In The Work of Rainier Maria Rilke

10. Jews should never run

11. a coalition plan for charedim

12. Pesach diets

13. next year in rebuilt Jerusalem

14. the new Housing Minister's plans

15. Lakewood nostalgia

16. putting the pieces in the right places

17. a segulah I can (sort of) support

18. why I love Pesach

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