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Mar 13, 2013

New Pashkevil: Destroyers of the Generation

The latest pashkevil in the Haredi neighborhoods of Jerusalem identifies the "destroyers of the generation..

not cancer, not tzniyus, not chilul shabbos, not Internet and not even Naftali Bennet! The destroyers are: Yair Lapid and people who use iPhones (and other similar phones)...

(source: Ladaat)

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  1. Very intelligent posters. The person who thought them up should get a medal. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Or some land in Florida.

  2. How will iPhones (as opposed to any other type or brand of mobile telephone communication tool) destroy Yiddishkeit?

  3. Darth, have you been locked up in a small box for the past 2 years? :-)

    have you not noticed the fight against the evils of the smartphone?

    1. Fine words, Rafi G, but they do not answer my question. Jews exchanging verbal brickbats over this type of cell phone or another are all very well, but not a single speaker at that ill-conceived 'asifa' (the quotation marks around the word serve a purpose) can, could or will ever produce a single instance of a single Jew becoming meshumad because he or she uses modern communications equipment.

      As for my whereabouts over the last couple of years, Rafi, an inordinate amount of my time has been spent poring over this very blog that you so valiantly manage. I consider it part and parcel of my continuing Jewish education, seeing you have asked me.

  4. So far, miraculously, and despite many dire preditions, yiddishkeit has managed to survive the printing press, radio, movies, television, Internet, cellphones, I-phones, and one term of a government that included a Lapid-led party. The real question, though, is whether it can continue to survive pashkevils and haredi politics.

  5. Gotta love the punk catchphrase too : No Future!


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