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Mar 13, 2013

Park Anabe in Modiin to stay open even for Haredim during Pesach

Good news in Modiin... what has become an annual fight and hatefest for the past few years is not going to  happen this Pesach...

The city of Modiin has decided that during the Pesach holiday Park Anabe will remain open and free for everyone. Visitors of all types and from anywhere will be able to go to park Anabe and enjoy the grounds, without having to pay.

On Sukkos, Modiin got away with only allowing local Modiin residents in for the duration of the holiday, thus keeping out the throngs of Haredi visitors from nearby Modiin Ilit. Legal counsel had allowed it as a temporary act, and they took advantage of that loophole.

Despite the decision to keep the park open to the wider public, the mayor explicitly said that he reserves the right to close it on future holidays, should he feel the need.
(source: Bechadrei)

I don't know what events or performances might be scheduled for the Pesach holiday in park Anabe, but I would recommend to anybody going there from Modiin Ilit to not tell the people of Modiin what to do, such as insisting on the removal of female singers or people dressed immodestly. That is one of the things that caused the original decision to block haredim form the park. If you don't ant to take a chance of having to hear a female singer or seeing immodestly clad women, go somewhere else.

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