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Mar 24, 2013

snitch line (malshinon) for chametz in Haifa

The "Malshinon", the snitch line, of the tax authority for people to anonymously call in and snitch on others who are not paying their taxes, has been so wildly popular that the city of Haifa decided to operate their own snitch line. For Chametz.

According to NRG, the laws against selling chametz in public during Pesach have never before been enforced in Haifa. stores openly sold chametz. This year, City Hall has decided to put an end to it. They have instructed city inspectors to be very strict about handing out fines to businesses selling chametz, and are encouraging residents of Haifa to call the municipal line, 106, to report any business discovered selling chametz.

City Councilman Shai Blumenthal says that Haifa is a complex city, as it is a city mixed with Jews and non-Jews, and in the non-Jewish neighborhoods selling chametz is permitted. The city inspectors have instructed the merchants as to where selling chametz is allowed and where it is not.

Depending on the success of the snitch line for chametz, we will have to run a contest to come up with other great ideas for usage of a snitch line.

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1 comment:

  1. without a doubt - set up a hot line for people acting like arsim.


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