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Mar 12, 2013

MK Lipman calls for Pollard's release (video)

and in other MK Lipman news, yesterday in honor of National Science Day, Lipman called on the Haredim to include the study of science in the yeshiva curriculum. Quoting his rebbeim, he said that Hashem revealed Himself twice - once at Har Sinai when He gave the Torah, which is why we learn Torah, and the other time when He created the world, and therefore it is incumbent upon us to study science in order to increase our faith in God..

And in yet more MK Lipman news, once we are on the topic, he had a war of words with MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) yesterday. Gafni accused Lapid (and Bennet) of preventing him from joining the coalition simply because he has a beard and peyos. Lipman responded that the accusation is false, as Lapid included him in the Yesh Atid list precisely because of his beard and peyos. Lipman went on to say that he hopes the haredi community will recognize the hatred and poor behavior coming from its political leadership, and that they will see the chilul hashem their political leaders cause... (source: INN)

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