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Mar 14, 2013

MK Feiglin prepares bill for easing access to medical marijuana

According to the magazine called "Cannabis", MK Moshe Feiglin has already come through on his first promise.

Feiglin had promised that his first piece of legislation as MK would be a bill dealing with the legalization of marijuana. According to Cannabis, this morning Feiglin completed the preparation of the bill for submitting to the Knesset. Feiglin's bill would not legalize marijuana in general, but would deal with making it easier for sick people who need medical marijuana to actually get it, or alternatively to allow them to grow it under certain conditions.

Right now there is a tremendous amount of bureaucracy to go through in order to get the permits and the hash. The Health Ministry has one doctor appointed as its representative in handing out the permits for medical marijuana. According to Feiglin's proposal, a family doctor or any specialized doctor should be able to prescribe it and no special permission from the Health Ministry should be necessary.

Cannabis thinks the chances for this bill passing are pretty good, perhaps the best ever, because in the new Knesset there are many supporters of its legalization. Feiglin's bill has already been signed on by MKs Tamar Zandberg of Meretz and Chaim Katz of the Likud.

I am in favor of the legalization of marijuana, and even though this bill does not do that, it is an important first step, and it helps the people who really need it, though it does not help the people who simply want it.

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