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Mar 20, 2013

Tweet of the Day

There have been a lot of great tweets that I noticed today. On any big news day that is to be expected. It makes it hard to choose a totd, but it make twitter a very interesting experience. Of the many great tweets, I have selected the following one as ToTD.

By @bneibraki

דרמה בנתב"ג; הלימוזינה הנשיאותית של ברק אובמה, שהובאה לנתב"ג התקלקלה ולא הניעה. הלימוזינה הושבתה, ובמקומה מובאת כעת מירדן לימוזינה חלופית.

It says, in English:
Drama At Ben Gurion Airport: The presidential limousine of Barak Obama, that was brought to BGU airport, has broken and will not start. The limousine is out of service and in its place a replacement limo is being brought in from Jordan...

All I could picture in my mind when reading this is some guy from the PMO or embassy staff bring the presidential limo in to one of our great mosachs, and the mosachnik telling him all the work that needs to be done on it with a cigarette dangling from his lips...

turns out, according to NRG, someone on the American staff of drivers for the limo got confused at the pump and filled 'er up with diesel instead of regular 95 unleaded..

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