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Mar 17, 2013

Interesting Posts #472

1. depriving Palestinians of 3G

2. dont count your charedim until they are drafted

3. think twice before using the Jerusalem Light-Rail

4. Beware of all who disrespect Rav Ovadia

5. redeeming captives

6. anticipating geula

7. Rabbi Fink says the Forward doesnt understand Rabbi Schachter, but then clarifies that he disagrees with Rabbi Schachter himself

8. feeling closer

9. what's a rabbi worth?

10. the Israeli government cash machine

11. matzah constipated chazal

12. everyone is a rabbi

13. what I learned running 21km in Tel Aviv

14. tinfoil treife kosher guy

15. good press or a possible קטרוג

16. hunting in Israel

17. kol isha: a womans perspective

18. National Religious: The Dilemma of Power

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