Nov 27, 2014

The Jewish State or State of all its Citizens?

Disclaimer: I don't have a strong opinion about the Jewish State bill. Overall I am in favor of it, but I don't understand it enough to have a strong opinion. It is not clear to me what it does. I am not sure why it is needed now. I am not sure what changes because of it (seemingly very little).

Hiowever, based on the opposition I hear about it making Arabs second class citizens, and I am not sure hat is true, I would say Israel is not meant to be another United States of America. Israel is meant ot be a homeland for the Jewish people. The form of governance is democracy, but it is meant to be a Jewish State, not a State of all its peoples.

Obviously (or maybe not so obviously), all people living in Israel should have their rights protected and have full freedoms, but this is meant to be a Jewish State, not a State for all. If that turns some minorities into "second class citizens", whatever that means, so be it, as long as their rights are safeguarded.

The Vatican is a Catholic State. 22 Arabs countries are Arab or Islamic States. Many other countries are ethnically or religiously categorized, and Israel should be allowed to categorize itself as well.

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1 comment:

  1. Agreed that we should be able to categorize ourselves as we want to, and not how others expect us to.

    Anyway, beyond popular belief, democracy, or in Israel's case deMOCKracy, is not automatically compatible with being Jewish.

    Netanyahu's "Jewish State Law" is not really Jewish.


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