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May 28, 2018

childish woman goes viral

the following incident was videoed in Ben Gurion Airport - a Chabad fellow asked this fellow named Gad Kaufman if he would be willing to don tefillin. Kaufman agreed and they began the process. This woman created a scene, which Kaufman videoed. After he posted it to his Facebook page, it went viral.

First of all, her approach in this is extremely childish. She acted like a third grader in the method of her attempt to chase them away.

Second, she said this is a public place so you need to be off to the side. Why? if it is a public area, he has as much right to be there as she does. He doesnt have to move to the side, nor does she. she is free to move if she wants, and so is he - or to stay where they each are. if something is bothering her, she is welcome to move. He shouldnt impinge on her personal space nor do things that are a disturbance to the public, but he was not doing anything like that. He was doing something she personally didnt like or want to see, so she can move.

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  1. Just a typical leftist who hates the idea of a Jew being proud to be a Jew and adhering to G-D's Commands. They're a dime a dozen, r'l. She just made a spectacle of herself.

  2. You realize taht just about everything you post on your blog ends up on YWN a couple days later?


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