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May 15, 2018

Turkey took the money and brought back the crisis

When I first heard the news report that Turkey has recalled its ambassador to, and expelled Israel's ambassador from, Turkey I thought to myself that how could this happen after Israel apologized for the Marmara incident, along with a $20,000,000 compensation payment? All that went to waste after Hamas decides to attack the border and Turkey does not like the way Israel responded, again? What was the point?

Good move, Turkey. Denigrate Israel, making Israel grovel and apologize. Take our money - about 65 million shekels of it. And still keep your diplomatic crisis.

The truth is the two incidents are not related. While I did not like the apology and payment from the start, the fact that it happened does not give Israel immunity from harming Turkey's interests in the future and not having to pay the price for such future incidents.

This could have been foreseen though, that Turkey would one day get upset again.

Regardless, the United States is the world leader. These countries pulling their ambassadors will eventually send them back. It is inevitable. They will not oppose the world leading United States of America for too long at too much cost to themselves. And if not, they will be on the wrong side of history.

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  1. Anyone want to get a Flotilla together to bring relief to the citizens living in Turkish-Occupied Cypress.
    They have been occupied for more than 40 years, and it is time we stood up for their rights to freedom and independence!

  2. Nah, Turkey was smart enough to expel all the Greeks on their side. :-)


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