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May 14, 2018

Quote of the Day

This is a great moment for me, for us as a delegation, and for us as a country that has so few reasons to rejoice at the moment. It makes me happy to know that we have given such a reason to rejoice

  -- Neta Barzilai, Israeli Eurovision winner, upon returning to Israel

Neta's success is a reason to rejoice, and everyone is proud of her, but thank God Israel has many reasons to rejoice, especially right now. Especially on the day of the United States embassy move to Jerusalem, with a bunch more countries moving their in the coming days and weeks, with more considering following suit, along with so much more as we live in what might be one of the greatest time periods in Israel's history...

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  1. Wow, a Jewish girl winning a song contest against a bunch of goyim. Klal Yisrael! Rejoice!
    We are fianally something! America is moving their embassy to JERUSALEM!! Rejoicex2!! Maybe the Ambassador is Mashiach or something. Or is Neta Barzilai Mashichah??
    What is wrong with you??? Have you fallen out of a tree and bumped your head?

  2. Anonymous - Ditto. Great to read an intelligent comment with emmess and sechel!


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