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May 23, 2018

Picture of the Day

this picture created a bit of a brouhaha with Ambassador Friedman coming under attack as supporting the rmeoval of the Dome of the Rock and rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash. The organization that presented the picture to Friedman later apologized for causing the stir.

The real apology, though. should have been for superimposing the mikdash backwards, i.e. facing the wrong direction. They have the doors of the mikdash facing west rather than east..

Best reaction was that of MK Ahmed Tibi, who was of course critical of the presentation, but in his criticism he said it is a good thing at least that they did not move the embassy to that location!

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  1. And yet it's amazing how often Arab leaders have stood in front of maps of Israel labelled Palestine, and no-one makes a fuss or mentions ethnic-cleansing.... 'From the river to the sea, blah blah etc etc

  2. There is a strict issur on having trees on the Har HaBayit. One would hope they'd be removed when the Mikdash is rebuilt.

    (Not all of the Temple Mount is the halakhic Har HaBayit, but still.)


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