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May 13, 2018

Eurovision and Israel on Shabbos

Mazel tov to Neta on her success in Eurovision and mazel tov to Israel. This is a tremendous PR victory and hosting the Eurovision next year is a great opportunity as well, in addition to all the money that will be coming in to Israel because of the event, both directly and indirectly.

My biggest concern and caution is what happens next year when we host the event and it causes massive chilul shabbos? How is that ok, no matter how great the event is for Israel? Will it cause a political crisis? Will religious/haredi politicians prevent it from happening or try to? Is there flexibility in the schedule - does it have to be on a Saturday night or can it be moved to Sunday night? Will it be during the "first part" of the Omer, as it often is, causing music problems in Jerusalem, or will it be late in the Omer season?

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