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May 31, 2018

Deri trying to split Tel Zion and Kochav Yaakov

I remember when the various Haredi reps immediately discounted the idea of splitting the city of Bet Shemesh when there was a movement to do so.

It seems that right now Minister Aryeh Deri is fighting to split Tel Zion off of Kochav Yaakov and make it its own independent Haredi township. He is currently upset at Netanyahu for opposing this plan.

I dont know if splitting Bet Shemesh is a good idea or not, or even if it is realistically possible, but why is it not even worthy of a discussion whereas by Tel Zion it is necessary for Deri? What happened to the explanation that we prefer to combine different towns and share services between them rather than to divide towns and duplicate services provided?

Is it just a matter of what would provide more Haredi jobs - i.e., turning Tel Zion into its own independent Haredi town/village would create a number of Haredi jobs with a mayor or head of yishuv and a small council and anything else such a town needs. Splitting a city like Bet Shemesh would not add many Haredi jobs because Haredim already control much of the leading positions in the city so splitting it would keep many Haredi positions and possibly add a few more to replace secular-held positions of people who went on the other side of the split but would provide many secular-dati held positions in the division? 

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1 comment:

  1. There are some unhealthy assumptions here that lots more government jobs is a good thing, that it's healthy for the economy, or even provides quality services.


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