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May 23, 2018

Jewish Christian party to compete in next elections

The article I am going to reference actually leaves me with more questions and little understanding, but I could find no other articles about this to try to find more information, so for now this will have to do and we'll have to keep our eyes out for future developments..

According to Srugim, despite elections not being on the immediate horizon, a new party has already registered for official status for whenever the next elections will take place. The new political party is called "The Bible Bloc" - Hagush HaTanachi. The party has been approved by the official registrar.

According to the article this party is described as a Jewish-Christian party, led by Avi Dennis Lipkin. Lipkin is a noted speaker among the evangelical crowd in the United States. Their raison d'etre is to defend all those who believe in the Tanach and also to oppose the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians from the Land of Israel. The party will represent all peoples around the world who advocate for the western Judeo-Christian and democratic culture.

Just as a note, I was not aware of any such threat of ethnic cleansing of anybody in Israel.

The party says they expect to achieve 4 mandates, passing the current minimum threshold. Their  target audience is the hundreds of thousands of Christians in Israel and others defined as "no religion" such as many Russian immigrants and western Christians in Israel.

Lipkin defines himself as -Jewish Evangelist Zionist" and says his number 2 on the list will be a Christian.

As I said, I dont really understand what this party is or what it is representing. Are they promoting Christian values? Jewish values? shared values? Are they missionaries? Jews for J? When they say they are representing people from around the world with certain calues, how does that work?

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  1. This just proves what has become known to those who care to learn what is really happening in E.Y. now. This is purposely not being publicized much, but there is a real problem with integrating the xtians with the Jews in the Jewish Homeland. They are making inroads everywhere by their missionizing, involved in many aspects in government and in the hierarchy of the IDF. So-called orthodox rabbis participating in their events and even prayers. This is a very serious problem and if it continues will only bring H's wrath upon the Land, c'v. WAKE UP!

  2. There is ethnic cleansing by the Palestinians of Christians. Such as Bethlehem, which used t be overwhelmingly Christian, now almost nothing left except the monasteries opposite south yerushalayim. Also, Abu Ghosh, for example. Even Nazareth has much fewer Christians.
    And of course, ethnic cleansing of Jews throughout.

    1. Opposite south yerushalayim -- meaning opposite Gilo


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