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May 13, 2018

Quote of the Day

If Eurovision will be in Israel, it will be only in Jerusalem. I will make sur eof that. The State of Israel has a capital - Jerusalem. If they do not want to be hosted in the place we, as the hosting country, want it - then they will not be hosted in Israel. We want to host them with all due honor, pride and joy as each and every hosting country decides where the Eurovision will be, so we too will decide.

  -- Minister Miri Regev

unless the Eurovision people have already told Israel "we wont come to Jerusalem", and there are no reports yet that this has happened, this seems to be jumping the gun a bit, making trouble where none is. They may very well say it, but so far they haven't/ And in the past it has been hosted by Israel in Jerusalem, so I am not sure why we expect it to be more of a problem now...

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  1. Agreed about 'jumping the gun' part. Probably a response given to some weenie reporters who don't bother checking facts like where the last Eurovision even was in 1999

  2. I don't think it is jumping the gun--I think it's a preemptive strike against BDS and all those anti-Zionist elements who would dictate to Israel that they are to be treated with double standards. This was why the Embassy was not in Jerusalem for 70 years. It's about time that Israel stated that they do not care what the rest of the world thinks--Israel is to be treated as other countries when it comes to international events.


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