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May 22, 2018

Haredi MKs protest chilul shabbos for World Cup prep match

Back in February there was a tacit agreement to allow the soccer/football leagues to continue operating on Shabbos, and the necessary approvals and permits were granted.

Despite that, for some reason, the Haredi MKs are now protesting potential chilul shabbos expected to happen this Shabbos as part of the preparations for a Saturday night football match between Israel's National Team and Argentina's National Team. The match will be after Shabbos in Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem but security preparations and security for global star Messi will cause chilul shabbos earlier in the day. The match is part of the lead up to the World Cup games.

Haredi MKs are sending their protest letters now and asking Minister Miri Regev to not allow chilul shabbos.
source: Actualic

1. I am not sure what they expect to happen. The game is happening, and security needs to be in place. How can they do this without chilul shabbos? Is the protest just lip service? shouldn't they have worked to prevent this when it was initially scheduled? At least with the Eurovision the issue is being raised well in advance rather than at the last moment..

2. Why are they protesting now when they already agreed to allow the soccer leagues to continue on Shabbos? This itself seems even less than the normal shabbos desecration as this will just be final preparations rather than the athletes playing and the fans driving and participating in the event.

3. Again, why are security preparations done on Shabbos afternoon for the soccer match any different than security reparations done on Shabbos afternoon for Lag b'Omer celebrations which the Haredi MKs consider ok and not protest-worthy?

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  1. You can also say the same for any event due to take place on Motzei Shabbat.

    1. In the case of Lag B'Omer, the Rabbinate asked to move it to Sunday night, and most of non-charedi Israel went along. It's not like Lag B'Omer is some halakha d'orayta that can't be touched.

      The charedim ignored the Rabbinate.

  2. Charedim don't protest anything that (they believe) benefits them. Their hypocrisy is just par for the course.

  3. Here's my best guess: The Gius bill is coming up for a vote in the Knesset, the Charedim will make a big fuss about this soccer Game, threaten demonstrations, or to bring down the government, and at the last minute they'll make a compromise, to not disrupt the Soccer Game and stay in the government, provided that the Gius Bill is passed.

    They are using opposition to the soccer game as a bargaining chip in a different discussion.

    This time next week we'll know if I was right....

    1. Because, sadly, it's not halakha that concerns them so much as getting all their special benefits.


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