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May 27, 2018

Quote of the Day

I do not think that we need to kill people because of this kite. We need to be here, on one hand, very aggressive, and as I said shoot at their legs, at their knees and feet. It isn't easy to live your whole life disabled. What does not endanger anyone's life should have a different status than something that does endanger lives, and you cannot say about this that it endangers lives. Now, I am definitely not defending them. I am the first person to suggest shooting at them, but to injure and not to kill. We are people and they are people and we d not kill just to kill. I think that for a deterrent it is enough to shoot at their legs, and this has not yet been attempted.

  -- Minister Uri Ariel about the proper response to the "kite terror attacks" of Gazans sending burning kites over the border to cause fires in Israel.

in case you though Uri Ariel was one of the most extreme people and anti-Arab people in the government... take not

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  1. Whatever happened to these rabbis who know what the Torah commands and yet reinterpret it? 'When someone comes to kill you, kill him first'. All this would not be necessary, if at the start, everything was done correctly and the results would have been so much less loss of life on all sides.

  2. I am not so sure that they didn't try to injure them first. Yes, I understand the reason for trying to shoot to injure, but in reality I don't think the soldiers had any choice but to shoot to kill. The problem is that neither shooting to kill nor shooting to injure will make that much of a difference in the eyes of the world. The world doesn't care that a hostile people were trying to violate the border of Israel. They will see the violence from the shooting (not what started it in the first place) and blame Israel. So maybe it doesn't really matter except that the IDF prevented the rioters from breaching the border and if there were Hamas casualties, that is on Hamas leadership.

  3. We also need not worry what the world thinks or says. They hate us any which way!
    Having mercy on the cruel is another wicked thing we tend to do. We see that we because we have mercy on the cruel, it usually winds up that we become cruel to the merciful and righteous.


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