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May 13, 2018

Proposed Law: term limits for mayor

MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz) is proposing a law that would place term limits on the position of mayor. Gilon's proposal would set a two-term limit, but it isn't a lifetime two term limit. Rather, after 4 years of the mayor being out of office, he has the chance to run for office again. The mayor would just be limited, by this proposal, to two consecutive terms. That would give any given mayor a maximum of 10 years in the mayoral seat, then 4 years later the ex-mayor could run again for office.

Gilon explains his proposal saying that the level of corruption in municipal governments is expanding. The length of a mayors serving in office is a central cause in the amount of corruption of mayors and in the big money "rolling in the streets". Limiting the number of terms would allow supervision and regulation, and in the long term it will bring back faith in the system, which is generally in a decline. Some mistakenly think the position of mayor is a lifetime appointment. Limiting the terms would bring new energy into the system..
source: ActualicKol Hai News

I am, as always, in favor of term limits. If Gilon is worried about corruption and energy and using this as the solution, he should  include in his proposal a limit on the terms of city councilmen as well, not just the mayor.

I doubt it will pass, but we'll see. Maybe if it does it will eventually lead to term limits on the national government as well.

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