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May 14, 2018

Minister Litzman protests next years chilul shabbos

more on next year's Eurovision being hosted, presumably, by Israel...

As I wrote yesterday, the chilul shabbos it could cause will be a big concern, and a source of friction.

Should it go on even if it causes massive chilul shabbos or should it be stopped and either sent to a different city or stop Israel from hosting it entirely?

I don't know the answer. This isnt a state affair, so it is not really state money going into it, though there might be some. Not everyone is religious and I hate sticking our religious concerns on other people. On the other hand, it is the Jewish state. It is Jerusalem. Should it be moved to Tel Aviv? I dont see the point. It takes it away from Jerusalem, the king's ante-chamber, so to speak, but chilul shabbos in Tel Aviv is also not good, and the religious/haredi community in general does to use that excuse to allow public transportation in Tel Aviv on Shabbos, for example, so why would this be any better than that?

Minister Litzman has now shot off the first warning saying the massive chilul shabbos it will cause is unacceptable and they will not allow it and doing so would be a breach in the status quo, etc.

While this isn't a holiday, even a quasi holiday, but I do not see why this is any different than when Lag b'Omer comes out on Saturday night. The excuse to not delay given by the Haredi politicians is that there will be no chilul shabbos, as everything is after shabbos and if police choose to be mechalel shabbos during the Shabbos day for the upcoming pikuach nefesh that is on them because they do not have to. We can use the same excuse for the Eurovision. The event is after Shabbos, and if the police need to start securing the area on shabbos it is pikuach nefesh and is on them because they could prepare in advance and after shabbos.

One MK from Hamachane Hatzioni responded saying that they only play the shabbos card when it is convenient, as we see they did not protest the recent Giro D'Italia bicycle race that took place on Shabbos. I am not really sure what that MK wanted to say from that. Does the MK want the Haredi MKs to protest more? What was the personal interest of the Haredi MKs in not protesting? what did they get out of it?

sources: Kikar and Haredim10

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  1. Like his suggestion - stop hosting it altogether. Kudos!

  2. Now that I read this, maybe Tel Aviv is the more appropriate site. Jerusalem doesn't have to host it...

  3. perhaps it should be in tel aviv, but isince when do we agree to chilul shabbos in tel aviv? if we did, we would allow public transportation, which we dont

  4. I will add that today I saw an article in which the Eurovision adminisrtration said this issue does not interest them and they have a set of rules that must be followed by every host country and the rules include everything to the last detail including what city hosts and who runs the show and puts on the production and when practices are rehearsed etc etc and if a country cannot adhere to the rules they are not given the opportunity to host.
    They also said the entire event is private and not done through the government. they work with private production companies and not the government.

  5. That is true. I was only thinking that the character of the Eurovision contest was more suited to Tel Aviv.


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