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May 14, 2018

Hamas wants a cease fire?

Military affairs reporterAlon Ben David is reporting on the radio that Hamasi s begging the Israeli government for a cease fire but the government is not answering.

I think someone should let Hamas know that the government of Israel is busy right now at the ceremony for the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and should just leave a message for now. If they want a cease fire they shouldn't wait but should just back away from the border...

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  1. Well said, Rafi!

  2. I usually can find a tiny kernel of truth in even the most absurd statement, but this is a real challenge. Unless the pshat is that by Israel announcing a cease fire they would be admitting that they were the aggressors, which would be a great moral victory for Hamas. The benefit to Israel would be stopping the rioting, but that's a very, very, high price.

  3. How about a two-word answer: "HELL NO!"

    Maybe the only way (as I have read elsewhere) is for the Palestinians to be totally defeated. As for "admitting they were the aggressors," as the comment above suggested, that is a non-starter. That price is too high for us to pay. Even if we have to endure this rioting, there may be no choice. Apparently the world and the Palestinians insist on waging the first war all over again. Maybe it was never intended to have peace "until Moshiach comes." Well, if not, we may have to fight until we have total victory, regardless of what the world thinks.


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