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Dec 25, 2018

At least we have elections

Israel is going to elections. Is that good or bad? Do we have elections too often or not frequently enough? Are the elections for ulterior motives - to benefit this or that person?

Each and every person in Israel will have a different answer for that question, with a different explanation of why elections are happening now and what the real motives are.

All I know is that our neighbors we are trying to make peace with last had elections in 2005, and that was supposed to be a 4 year term. Mahmoud Abbas is now in the 14th year of that four year term. We are blessed that we get to choose our leaders anew every few years, even if the options are not optimal, let alone perfect. Elections are a responsibility but they are also a right, and a benefit. We get to choose our leaders - choose wisely, but more importantly, just choose.

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